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8th Global Leaders Forum

Date : '12.10.9




8th Global Leaders Forum
The welcoming remark of Kim Jong Hun, Member of the National Assembly at the 8th Forum

Date : '12.10.9




8th Global Leaders Forum
Special lecture

Date : '12.10.9
Speaker : Lee, Jung Hyun

Lecture Summary

I was born in Goksung, a real hamlet of about thirteen families east of Gwangju. As a teenager in that small remote village, my dream was to be a representative of the people. I even used to climb up to a high place to practice delivering speeches. From the time I entered into politics until now I have always been a non-mainstreamer. As a person whose hometown is in Cheolla Province, I was an odd-man out in Saenuri Party. When I ran for office in 2004, only 0.6% of the voters in Gwangju cast ballots for me?something which had been negatively affected by the impeachment scandal of Former President Rho, Moohyun. However, after years of sincere endeavor, I won the hearts of 39.7% of the voters in 2012. I had lamented my being a non-mainstreamer for a long time, but I realized after that election that it was exactly that quality which had helped me feel sincere empathy with so many non-mainstreamers among the people and better serve them. I think this attitude of being together with the people is key to making a country in which the people are happy.
I am determined to keep acting as 'the keeper of the Honam budget'. I try to implement projects which bring joy to the people in Honam. I am a member of Saenuri Party and represent the whole area of Honam. I believe this unusual combination is what supports the cause of unifying this emotionally divided country. As soon as I became a representative, the governor of Jindo visited me and asked me to construct a breeding ground for their ‘Jindo’ dog breed. At first I thought, “Why dogs? I wanted to do nicer and greater projects than taking care of dogs.” However, when he told me that a dog breeding ground called Sapsal was constructed five years earlier in Gyeongsang Province, I got the impetus to carry out this project. The governor of Gurae also visited me and asked me to approve Jansu Nongak as a National Intangible Asset. The officials refused to accept this, saying that they already approved three Nongaks from Honam Province. However, I convinced them to include this and Jansu Nongak is now approved as an Intangible Asset which must be protected not only by the country but also by UNESCO. I go around the whole region looking for projects like these that the people really need. I believe my sincerity is the power that raised my support level from 0.6% to 39.7%.
Over the past eight years, I've worked as Chief of Public Relations for Saenuri Party Presidential Candidate Rep. Park Geun-hye. From my experience with her, I can assert that she is the optimum candidate for reconciliation of the eastern and western parts of this country. Whenever we introduce a new person to her, she never asks where he or she is from or which university they attended. She also appointed many experts from Honam Province to important positions in the party. When she visited Former President Kim, Daejung, she apologized for the hardship he had suffered under her father's rule and thanked him for helping build the memorial for her father. Feeling satisfied, the ex-president responded to her by saying that he believed she was the right person for integration of the country and asked her to work for that worthy cause. I'll do my best to help her realize this dream of all the people with all my sincerity. Thank you.