1. Members

Chairperson : Kim Sung Eun


Ahn Heo DaeMember of the National Assembly
Ahn Jin SooCEO of Song Jung Tax Group
Bae Eun JungPresident of Taewasun
Bae Jin HwanPresident of Medici Investment
Bae Sang KeunVice President of KERI
Bae Yeon KyuManaging Director of MBC New media
Baik Jung SooVice Chairman of Youngahn Group
Baik Soon JinChairman of KOSCAP
Bang Seong hyeokPresident of Luvantix
Chae WookKyung Hee University Graduate School of International Studies Professor
Chang Hee SeoungProfessor at Kaywon University
Cho Eun KiProfessor at Kyungpook National University
Cho Kang RaeCEO of Korea Venture Investment
Cho Kyeong TaeMember of the National Assembly (SaeNuri Party)
Cho Tae KwonCEO of Kwangjuyo Group
Choi Dae KyuDirector of Uhy Seil Accounting Group
Choi Hong SikPresident & CEO of KOREA EXCHANGE
Choi Jong MoonAmbassador of Republic of Korea
Choi JunDirectior of HICC Media
Choi Ki ChangSeoul National University professor Academic Cooperation
Choi Seung WooPresident of Chosun Opera
Choi Woo SukIndustry Team Head of Chosun Newspapers
Choo Ae JooPresident of Sungjoo Foundation
Chun Jin SeongCEO at Naraentec
Chung Hae BangMember of the Monetary Policy Committee of BOK
Chung Hae BoongPresident of Luvantix
Chung Mong JoonMember of the National Assembly(SaeNuri Party)
Chung Moon JaeVice Editor of Newsis
Chung Un GyeongVice President of Cell Park Clinique
Chung Yong DukProfessor at Seoul National University
Do Maun HyeonCEO of Corning Optical Communications
Do Tae Woo Laywer
Gu Bon JinPresident of True Investment
Gwak Sang UkMayor of Osan-si
Gwak Young GilPresident of A-Ju News
Ha Cheon YongCEO at M-Tech
Ha Sung KeunMember of the Monetary Policy Committee at BOK
Han Gil SeokProfessor at Chonbuk National University
Han SeolCapital Defense Commander/BG
Han Seung HyeSenior Researcher of Korea Insurance Development Institute
Hong Hyun GiChief of Planning Team of Sinil Pharmacy
Hong Ki YongPresident of Korean Taxpayers Union
Hong Seung IlPlanning Director of Joong Ang Newspaper
Huh Jun YoungPresident of Korea Freedom Federation
Hwang Dae JunProfessor at SungKyunKwan University
Hwang In TaePresident of Korean Accounting Association
Hwang Joo HoProfessor at Kyunghee University
Hwang Seung SangKist polymer Researcher
Hwang Sung IlPresident of Forest Life
Jang HeeProfessor at Dongseoul University
Jang In HwanPresident of KTB
Jang Jin YoungLawyer
Jang Sang YoonPlanning Manager of Prime Minister’s Office
Jang Tae PyeongPresident of Korea Blood Cancer Association
Jang Yong DongEditorialist of Herald Media
Jeong Yeon TaePresident of Escrow Tax Accounting Firm
Ji Dae HoPresident of Cheil Precision
Joo Joon HeePresident of Women's Institute of Negotiation & Leadership
Jung gyu JaeEditorial Director of HanKyung
Jung Soon SeupProfessor at Seoul Nationaly University
Kang Dong WooVice President fo Ernst & Young
Kang Hong JunEditorial Director of Joong-ang Newspaper
Kang Hyun JongProfessor at Yuhan University
Kang Min KyungDirector of Sung Eun Foundation
Kang Soo JungPresident of Light & Salt
Ki Chan WooCEO of Dae Myung Energy
Kim Bang HeePresident of living economy Institute
Kim Bong SooFormer Chairman of Korea Exchange
Kim Boo KyumThe New Politics Alliance for Democracy
KIm Byeong MinFormer member of Seocho-gu Council
Kim Byum SooPresident of Future Korea Magazine
Kim Chi JoongLawyer at Barun Law Firm
Kim Doo KwanThe New Politics Alliance for Democracy
Kim Hee DongPresident of Napoleon Bakery
Kim Hwa JinLaw college of Seoul National University
Kim Hyung DalPresident of Tube Investment
Kim Hyung JinChairman of Sejong Telecom
Kim Hyung TakFormer General Manager of KBS
Kim In HyunPresident of 2e Consulting
Kim Jae HongThe Chief Editor of Business-Report
Kim Jae JoonPresident of KOSDAQ Market
Kim Jin BeomChairman of the Federation of Farmers
Kim Jong GeonAuditor of CitiBank Korea
Kim Jong HunMember of the National Assembly
Kim Jong InFormer Chief Economic Advisor to the President
Kim Joon HanPresident of The Born Hospital
Kim Joon KyungSam Jung KPMG
Kim Joon MookPresident at Sports Seoul
Kim Ju SupUn-Net System
Kim Kun HoPresident of Fnguide
Kim Mee YoungPresident of Shin Asset Development
Kim Moon ShinNew Daily Industry Dept Team Desk
Kim Myeong YongPresident of Dasan Human Resources Development Institute
Kim Sang JoPresident of Olidarity for Economic Reform
Kim Sang MinMember of the National Assembly
Kim Sang RyulProfessor at Sook Myung Women's University
Kim SeonCEO at Pro-Med
Kim Seung GyuFormer Director of National Intelligence Service
Kim Suk MinAdviser at Lee & Ko law firm
Kim Sung EunProfessor at Kyunghee University
KIm Sung HoCEO at Ti-oss
Kim Sung JooChairwoman of MCM
Kim Sung SuPresident of Ceo-Telecom
Kim Sung UkLeader of Korea Freedom Coalition
Kim Won EiFormer Seoul Senior Political Affairs
Kim Won KyungVice Chairman of Kun Young
Koh Beom SeokLawyer
Koh Jae OkProfessor at Daegu Haany University
Koh Seung DukChair Professor at Seoul Cyber University
Kristy KimChaum Global Healthcare Director
Kwon Dae WookCEO at Accor Ambassador Korea
Kwon Hae SookProfessor at Kyunghee Cyber University
Kwon Soon YoebHead of TMT of Lee & Ko
Kwon Young Cheola senior Journalist for the CBS
Kwon Young GeolCEO of Hanssem
Kyung Yoon HoSecretary General of Korean Medicine Association
Lee CharmFormer President of Korean Tourism Organization
Lee Dong GeolProfessor at Dong Kuk University
Lee Eung SeiLawyer of Barun Law Firm
Lee Hyung SunPresident of Daon Research Center
Lee In JeMember of the National Assembly
Lee Jae KyungChief Superintendent of Police Agency
Lee Jae KyungChief Superintendent of Police Agency
Lee Jong Whanresident of Seoul Financial Newspaper
Lee Jong YeobProfessor at Sung Kyun Kwan University
Lee Joon KyuProfessor at Kyunghee University
Lee Joong BinChief Doctor at BOM G&O Clinic
Lee Jun SeokInnovation Chair of SaeNuri Party
Lee Jung HoVice Chairman of Korea Lawyers Association
Lee Jung Whan President at World Future Forum
Lee Keun MokDirector of Dr.Lee RATOC
Lee Kwan HoonFormer President of CJ
Lee Min HwaProfessor at KAIST
Lee Myung HoDirector of Korea Creative Economy Reasearch Network
Lee Myung SooAttorney of Yoon & Yang LLC
Lee Sang BaeChairman at Optical Society of Korea
Lee Sang DaeVice-Chairman of Han Seung Kong Young
Lee Sang DonEmeritus Professor at Chung-ang University
Lee Sei JinPresident of Dana Patent Law Firm
Lee Suck Chae,Former Chairman of KT
Lee Sung ChoolThe first reserve General
Lee Sung HeonChairman of Saenoori Party Outside Assembly Leaders' Association
Lee Tae KwonPresident of G-MIDAS
Lee Tae WhaDirector of Korea-China Cultural Association
Lee Taek WonPresident of Won ST Co.
Lee Ui JunVice President of Korean Venture Capital Association
Lee Wang JunCEO of Myongji University Hospital
Lee Woo SungAccountant at Deloitte An-Jin
Lee Yang WooPresident of Polynetron
Lee Ye GyeongCEO of WIIS
Lee Yong HwanProfessor at Seoul National University
Lee Yong SeobMember of the National Assembly
Lee Young TakChairman of World Futures Forum
Lim Dong SooA Financial Editor of MBN
Lim Jung HeeCommittee of Presidential Committee for National Cohesion
Lim Nae HyenMember of the National Assembly
Min Won SikChairman of Doctor & Doctor
Nam Jung WookProfessor at Soongsil University
Nam Sang InExecutive Director of Fn News
Noh Hwan Kyu37th President of KMA
Oh Du SeokCEO of Electric Contractors Financial Cooperative
Oh Kyung HwanProfessor at Yonsei University
Oh Sang RokDirector of Robot Learning Center of KIST
Oh Se-hoonFormer Mayor of Seoul City
Oh Yu SikPresident at Hana Fashion
Ok Dong SukPresident of the National Human Resources Development Institute
Park Bong OokCertified Appraiser of Property
Park Byung SoonPresident of Cell Park Clinique
Park Chan Hoonpresident of Kangho law firm
Park Chan JungPresident of KODI-S
Park Do HwanKBS Achimmadang Chief Producer
Park Gyu HongPresident of hwayo
Park Gyu NamChief Superintendent of the National Police Agency
Park Hung kukProfessor at Sang-Myung University
Park Hyeong JunThe Secretary General of the National Assembly
Park Hyo DaeVice-President of Yesnet
Park Jae HwanProfessor at Chung Ang University
Park Jin HeeVice-President of Citi Bank
Park Joo SeokProfessor at Kyunghee University/ President of 2e Consulting
Park Kyung SeoPresident of Korea Corporate Governance Service
Park Sei ChangCEO of Herb-Day
Park Sung HoPresident of SVinvestment
Park Won CheolPresident of Luvantix
Park Yong YunPresident of Tmax Soft
Ryu Young ChangPresident of The Second Seohaean Expressway
Sa Dong SeonPresident of STC
Seo Dong WonAdviser of Kim & Chang Law Firm
Seo Jae PilCEO of Easy-Well M
Seol Do WonPresident of Korea Chain-Store Association
Seol Jung SunVice-President of KTOA
Seong Yong RakAdvisor at Bae, Kim & Lee Law Firm
Shin Kum SukProfessor at Gachon University
Sim Gyu SunReporter of Dong-Ah Newspaper
Sin Hee SeopKorea Peace Democracy Institute
Son Hyeon DeokThe Chief Editor of Maeil Business-Report
Song Do GyunAdvisor at Bae, Kim & Lee Law Firm
Song Heon JaeProfessor at University of Seoul
Whang Jang SooPresident of Mirae Management Research Institute
Wi Cheol HwanKorean Lawyer Association
Wi Jeong HwanFinancial editor of Maeil Business Newspaper
Woo Jang GyunFormer President of Journalists Associaiton
Woo Ki JuPresident of Wooz-Phil
Yang Chan MoCEO of Aikang Remetech
Yoo Myung SoonManaging Director at Citi Bank
Yoon Hak SooThe First Reserve Lietenant General
Yu Jang HeeFormer Chairman of Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership
Yun Chan YoungProfessor at Kaywon School Arts College
Yun Deok sooFormer of KBS Broadcasting Member
Yun Jae InVice-President of LS Cable & System LTD.
Yun Jeung HyeonFormer Minister of Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Yun Seok MinCEO of How Asset Management
Yun Seong BokVice-President of Sam Jong KPMG
Yun Seong TaeCEO of Huons



Kwon Hae Sook

Professor at Kyunghee Cyber University

Assistant Administrator

Kang Soo Jung

President of Light & Salt

Kang Hyun Jong

Professor at Yuhan University


Han Seung Hye

Senior Researcher of Korea Insurance Development Institute

Sa Kwang Yul

President of Metier

Lee Sung Won


Chang Hee Seoung

Professor at Kaywon University